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About us

  • Do you ever ask yourself “what am I eating?” 

  • Do you read the labels of the products you buy?

  • Do you need to Google every ingredient to find out how it can affect you?

  • Have you ever thought about how many dangerous ingredients are put into the food we consume and are used during production of the final products we get?

Table salt, monosodium glutamate, trans fats, yeast, and more!

  • Have you ever thought about what wheat, rye, and spelt go through before they arrive on the shelves in the grocery stores? 

  • How long have they spent in silos and barrels, on racks and in bags, in warehouses and workshops?

  • What the grains have gathered along the way and what they will bring to you?

  • Have you ever thought about what you are eating and what you feed your loved ones?

  • Have you ever considered the fact that all packaged foods with a long expiration date are already prepared in some way?

  • How is it done? 

  • Have you thought about what glycation is doing to your body? Has anything healthy and nutritious stayed in the grains during this long production and logistics process?

  • Did you know that there’s a connection between your health, healthy weight, your mood and looks, and what you give to your body?

We, from Gram for Kilogram, know that in this day and age, it’s very hard to stay away from some common chemicals and the polluted environment. But we know that we can choose what, when, and how much food we put on our table! We know that everyone makes their own choices and that it’s better to read the labels on the products we buy before we put them in the cart. 

For many years, we’ve been thinking about all this. We’ve come a long way looking for knowledge about macronutrients and the benefits of healthy foods. For many years, we’ve been looking for ways to keep the nutritious value of the products in their long way to our tables at home. We spent many years trying to make things work without diminishing all of the good nutrients.

At Gram for Kilogram, we’ve been eating with this philosophy for over 15 years. And we’ve decided it would be selfish not to share the knowledge we’ve gained and the results we’ve achieved. The benefits our friends and family members have received. The great taste, too. It’s best to share everything we’ve learned so far!


How it all started

It all started many years ago. The love for sports and the desire for a good-looking body drove me to nutritionism. Later, this love grew with my desire for my food to be rich in macronutrients and to be made in a way that brings health!


Soon after, there was a sign of faith. My father had to get two stents and this is when I knew I had to find a more natural way of living. All I knew at this moment was that pills don’t heal, they only weaken the symptoms. 


They let my father go home with a huge prescription and I was not okay with that. My quest to find more information led me to what I’m doing today. I knew that plain flour and what’s added to it, sugar, monosodium glutamate, and table salt are harmful to one's health. 


Everything I learned, I was able to use for my father’s diet! This way, we started decreasing the amount of medicine he was taking, making his food more nutritious via herbs and products made in better, healthier ways. During the process, we reduced his weight by 9 kilos, his cholesterol got lower, he changed the way he sees food and his lifestyle. Now he’s almost 70, he feels amazing, and he works 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. And like Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine"

Organic Food Badge 5

Our products are gluten-free, yeast free, without preservatives and stabilizers, and with no GMO!

All seeds are ground right before use. This way, their nutritional value is preserved and oxidation of good fats, contained in the seeds, is prevented. Our products are made with sea salt that we buy in crystal form and we grain it right before use. This way, we make sure that the salt that’s being used doesn’t contain chemicals in order to stay white. We are also sure our salt doesn’t contain the other common chemical used in the food industry to keep the salt from hardening.


All spices are of high quality and we offer them once they’ve been through a fine-graining process. We sift the spices to make sure there are no leftover cornstarch, flours with gluten, and other additives used in the industry. All fats we use are cold-pressed, we also use different types of tahini and plant oils.


All baked goods are done at 160 and 170 degrees. This way we make sure that all the good stuff will be present in the final product! All baked goods are prepared on baking paper. We don't use teflon or aluminum.


We offer bread for good health and diet, for people who have gluten intolerance and diabetes, people who want to lose weight, ones with autoimmune diseases, vegetarians, and vegans. Our products are low in carbohydrate content. 

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